Monday, June 24, 2013

Ended of Second Year Student

It's about 100 times I said I cannot go through this semester but hey look, I have ended this completely and beautifully. Why? Because there's something (a lot actually) I've learned from that. 

Allah will not give us what we can't afford to carry on and He will not give what we wanted, instead of what we needed. Ya Rabb, the heart is yours. You are the only one who hold this. After all the pain and happiness and I eventually believed there is no help and love only with You. 


So, the holiday starts. Make it meaningful with good deeds for our iman, ourself, and the ummah too. InsyaAllah. 
Take care, fi hifzillah. :)

Labuan airport. Love letter from Asmirah. ILY ukhty :)

P/s: Mencintai tidak semestinya memiliki. Apa yang dicinta, usahalah untuk dapatkan, andai terlepas, yakinilah ia antara belum milik kita atau bukan milik kita. Berdoalah yang lebih baik terjadi dan dimiliki.

Dalam mencinta, belajarlah juga mencintai apa yang tidak dimiliki. Hati lebih tenang dan lebih mudah menerima ini semua adalah daripada aturan perancangannya Dia juga.


Terima kasih, Allah :)

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