Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life well or live hell, you choose.

Click new post, mood berubah, sedih.
Satu malam je lagi boleh bersenang lenang kat rumah.
Nak balik sini balik, tahun depan, mungkin. lamenye saya rasa. ==.

By the way, I've found an article that saying about life-moments-joyful-happiness
Something that related to my mood I guess (memujuk mungkin)

Secret to a Happy Life: Live in the Moment
by Shari Coxford

One of the keys to a happy life is to fully experience the simple moments of pleasure that life brings your way. Too often we go through life missing out on the simple moments, never recognizing or experiencing the joy found in everyday things.

You have the power to rewire your brain to recognize and experience the happy moments. You can learn to experience moments of happiness as easily as you now experience moments of irritation and frustration. An average day offers the potential for both and it's up to you which of these moments you will give your power to.

For example, how often does a stranger hold a door open for you? Probably more often than you realize. Compare that to a common irritation such as people standing in a doorway blocking your passage through. Even as you approach the doorway, they don't move. Your blood pressure rises and you are filled with irritating thoughts.

It's easy to give up your power to the irritation, dwelling on it and making it bigger in your mind while letting go of the memory of the kind stranger. You gave away the happy moment, instead choosing to focus on the anger.

Try doing just the opposite. Immediately let go of the anger and take a moment to appreciate the thoughtful gesture of a door held open. Mentally linger on the happy moment. While it may seem like a small thing, so was the moment of irritation. Yet that moment could have filled you with a lingering irritation that caused you to snap at others, further spreading the irritation.

Your thoughts are very powerful. Your thoughts fuel your emotions with either positive or negative energy. You must become aware of what's going on all around you in order to make a change.

Sangat inspiring bagi aku, thoughts,first impression are the leader of our life of sadness, anger, or happiness as it leads to our gestures; thoughtful gesture.

So, whatever life comes, just live it in the moment well!

 Don’t let the past steal your present.  ~Cherralea Morgen

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