Tuesday, November 9, 2010

5 Tahun 5 Bulan

This book is owesome !
I enjoy her writing. Different.
you will know it when you read it
betul la orang kata, "dont judge a book by its cover" Heh
Btw, it's the best part in this book which I like most;
"All the verses in the Quran are like personal love letters from God to us. Tidak percaya, tengok dia punya terjemahan.
"If you want to find solace and balm for the sore, the words will heal it straight away. Ayat memujuk sebagaimana dalam al-Insyirah and ad-Dhuha.
Sooth you anytime".
Sweet !

Di beri sekali terjemahan ayat al-Insyirah
"Verily, after each difficulty, there's a relief"

This book is different.
Read it if you want to change to a better life.
Go Hlovate !

 p/s: semua novel Hlovate tak de jiwang2 karat. Likee !

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